Voluntary Benefits Enrollers

Partner with us to provide a superior enrollment experience while reducing the time and paperwork spent on handling benefits.

Offer Technology To Groups

Stay ahead of the curve, add value, and deepen relationships with your brokers by offering EaseCentral. Help brokers get online, which will save them time and impress their clients. Brokers are encouraged to work with you when they see how simple it is to enroll groups and add lines of coverage.

Streamline Enrollment

EaseCentral makes it easy to submit benefits directly to carriers. Save time during enrollment with complete, validated, legible, and accurate data in EaseCentral. Paperwork, transposition errors, and missed fields on forms are all eliminated with EaseCentral’s direct data submission.

Leverage Relationships With Respected Carriers

EaseCentral has integrations with leading carriers including Colonial Life, Aflac, Unum, Transamerica, and Allstate. These carrier integrations are built to support various enroller assistance models such as co-browsing and call centers in addition to traditional face-to-face worksite enrollments.

Drive High Participation

Increase commissions by offering a variety of enrollment methods for different clients. Easily offer diverse plans with well-respected carriers to engage employers and gain access to employees.


Direct Submissions

Meet your clients’ needs by efficiently transmitting elections directly and electronically to insurance carriers, all within EaseCentral. With EaseCentral’s EDI carrier connectivity, all ongoing adds, changes, and terminations are sent securely and directly to the carrier.

Customize Enrollment

The employee enrollment experience, including order of employee benefit selections, can be configured in EaseCentral. For example, you can display voluntary products right after medical to increase participation.

Scale Communication

EaseCentral makes it simple to educate and enroll participants in plans by providing online tools and resources to support enrollment decision-making. With EaseCentral, you can provide employees with clear, up-to-date, and concise information about different benefits options, prices, plans, and coverages.

Broker Portals

Set up groups for brokers in your own EaseCentral portal or access existing broker accounts to offer benefits to their groups and support their enrollment processes.

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