General Agent Partnership

Partner with us to offer a streamlined submission process, grow your bottom line, and delight your brokers.

Offer Technology To Groups

Stay ahead of the curve, add value, and deepen relationships with your brokers by offering EaseCentral. Help brokers get online, which will save them time and impress their clients. Brokers are encouraged to work with you when they see how simple it is to enroll groups and add lines of coverage.

Simplify Enrollment

Save your brokers even more time by offering plan rates, libraries, and materials they need to build plans in EaseCentral.

Increase Revenue

Grow your bottom line by accepting submissions from brokers faster through EaseCentral’s e-submission process.


Product Portfolio

Build a library of plans, rates, enrollment templates, and more to make group setup for brokers even easier. You can upload documents in EaseCentral to make it effortless for users to access. Control who uses these resources right from your dashboard.

Analytics Dashboard

EaseCentral’s Partner Portal gives you snapshots of your connected brokers to help you see who is using and distributing your resources.

Support Brokers

Increase retention with your clients by setting up groups for brokers in your own EaseCentral portal. You can also access a broker's portal to support their enrollment processes.

Easy Submissions

Offer easy submissions to brokers using EaseCentral’s carrier integrations. Brokers can submit to you, and you can use our integrations to submit enrollments to carriers. With our carrier integrations, we’ve eliminated the need to key in applications to carrier spreadsheets.

Global Reporting

With EaseCentral’s Partner Portal, you can run enrollment reports across all brokers and groups as well as quantify premiums by carrier and line of coverage. This helps you stay on top of upcoming enrollments for your clients and support their enrollment processes.

EaseCentral Marketplace

The EaseCentral Marketplace is where brokers and employers go to engage with their general agents and vendors as well as discover new partners. From payroll integrations to time-off tracking software, the EaseCentral Marketplace is a growing hub for benefits and HR products and services that support agencies and small businesses.

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